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Tutorial 7 - Showing the area in sharp focus

Select camera, lens and aperture

When a Point of Interest is being used it is possible to display the area of the shot that will be in sharp focus.

First, select a camera and lens in the 'What' tab. Once a lens has been chosen, the possible apertures that can be used with that lens will be displayed and the user can select one. Next the user should click on the PoI tab and select one to display. A checkbox is available for the user to choose to display the area of sharp focus overlaid on the map. Once the checkbox has been selected the system performs a calculation to determine the nearest and furthest points of acceptable sharp focus around the selected PoI. The distances are shown in figures next to the checkbox and as two arcs on the map.






Background out of focus

The screenshot to the left shows the result of a wide aperture being used and the camera being focussed on, say, a person standing quite close by. The white arc shows the nearest point that will be in acceptably sharp focus, and the blue arc the furthest point. Anything beyond that blue arc will be increasingly out of focus the further away it is.













Background in focus

If the photographer wants the view behind the person to be in focus, they will have to focus on a point further away instead. The screenshot to the right shows the situation if the user was to focus instead on something at the distance of the cannon by the wall. The nearest point in sharp focus is now further away, but still well in front of the subject. However, the arc showing the far limit of acceptable sharp focus has now disappeared from the screenshot entirely.










Sharp focus at infinity

In fact the far limit of sharp focus is now at infinity, as the text by the checkbox shows. The blue arc is therefore not displayed on the map.


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