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Tutorial 6 - Points of Interest

Using a Point of Interest is a way of finding out information about a place that may be within the shot being planned.

Up to five Points of Interest may be displayed at one time. If Dual Map mode is being used the Points of Interest markers will be shown on both views.

To display a Point of Interest, click on the PoI tab in the left sidebar. Another row of tabs will be displayed, labelled PoI 1 to PoI 5. Click on the PoI 1 tab.

A red marker with a 1 on it will now be displayed on the map. Point of Interest 1 marker The default position for a marker to appear is a quarter of the way between the camera position marker and the viewpoint marker, but it can dragged to any desired point on the map.

In the sidebar will be some information displayed about the position of the Point of Interest marker, including the distance from the camera and the height above sea level of that point. A label can be given to the marker - text typed into the textbox will be reflected by the label that appears when the mouse hovers over the marker on the map.

If a digital camera body and lens combination has been chosen then the resolution of a pixel at that point will be calculated. This is how big the coverage of the pixel will be. i.e. if the pixel resolution is shown as being 0.02m, then an object 2cm in diameter will be 1 pixel in size in the finished shot.

Sun direction lines can be displayed for the Point of Interest in the same way as they can for the camera position (see tutorial 5) by clicking on the checkboxes in the sidebar.

The reset button will move the marker back to the starting position a quarter of the way from the camera position marker to the viewpoint marker. The other two buttons will move the marker to the centre of the displayed map or the centre of the second map if Dual Map mode is being used.


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