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Tutorial 5 - Sun direction lines

A very useful feature of ScenePlanner is showing the direction of the sun.

Click on the When tab in the left sidebar. Below the sunrise, sunset and solar noon times can be seen a series of checkboxes. These all default to not being selected.

There are four sorts of lines that can be shown: Current sun position, Sunrise direction, Sunset position and Solar noon position. There are also options to show the directions of shadows at these times.

The Sunrise and Sunset directions depend on the selected date (see tutorial 4 for instructions on how to change this). The Current sun position depends on the selected time.

Clicking on one of the checkboxes will refresh the map with a line from the camera position to the calculated sun position for that choice. Unchecking the box will remove the line from the map. Each line is shown in a different colour to avoid confusion; the shadow lines are shown in a faded version of the corresponding sun position line.

If the Dual Map mode has been selected the sun direction lines are shown on both maps.


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