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Tutorial 2 - Selecting a camera and lens

The default shot uses a fixed field of view of 65 degrees. Choosing a particular SLR camera body and lens is straightforward, and accomplished as follows. We will select a Nikon D90 body and a 20mm lens.

On the Plan page, the camera position can be seen at Edinburgh Castle, with the viewpoint directly to the North and at a distance of 3km. The field of view is defined by the two red lines spreading out either side of the grey line to the view position.

To select a camera and lens, click on the What tab in the sidebar, then click the radio button next to Select Camera/Lens.

A series of dropdown boxes appear, which should be worked through from top to bottom.

The first dropdown is Type. Currently the only option is SLR, although in the future compact cameras, medium format and video cameras will be among other options. Click the down arrow to the right of the dropdown to see the available options and select SLR.

The second dropdown is then populated with manufacturers who make SLR cameras. A loading animation is shown while the loading is taking place. View the available options by clicking the down arrow to the right of the dropdown, and select Nikon.

The next dropdown, Body, is loaded with camera bodies made by Nikon. Scroll through the options and select D90 from near the bottom of the list.

As there are a large number of available lenses for most SLR camera bodies, the next step is to select the Manufacturer of the desired lens. For the purposes of this tutorial, select Nikon.

In the Lens dropdown, the lenses are presented in order of focal length, from shortest at the top to longest at the bottom. Select AF Nikkor 20mm F/2.8D.

On selecting the lens, the map will be refreshed and the field of view lines will move to show the field of view of the selected camera and lens combination. In this case the view is slightly lens than the default 65 degrees.

Now let us change the lens to a zoom one and look at the difference.

In the lens dropdown, select 12-24mm f/4G ED-IF AF-S DX.

The immediately obvious difference is that there are now two sets of field of view lines displayed on the map, one red and one green. The red lines display the field of view when the lens is set to its widest angle, and the green lines display the field of view seen when the lens is at its narrowest.


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