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Astrophotography Exposure Calculator

When takings images of the night sky a common requirement is to avoid or minimise star trails. The calculator provided here gives a rule-of-thumb as to the maximum exposure time that should be used in order to minimise the effect of star trails.

The field of view is calculated and the exposure times at the top, middle and bottom of the frame shown, assuming that the selected declination is at the centre of the frame. If star trails are to be minimised over the whole of the frame then the lowest exposure time should be used.

Either enter the sensor size and focal length values directly, or work through selecting camera body and lens used. SLR cameras are of type 'interchangeable lens'.

Manual Sensor size/Focal Length
Sensor width (mm) :  
Sensor height (mm) :  
Focal length :  
Select Camera/Lens
Type :
Maker :
Body/Model :
Lens Maker :
Lens :
Declination : degrees
Orientation : Portrait    Landscape
Maximum exposure :


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