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Welcome to ScenePlanner, a tool for aiding photographers in planning their shots.

How does it work?

The user chooses a location on the map. They then select their camera and lens (our database currently holds 147 camera bodies and 510 lenses) and the field of view of that camera/lens combination is overlaid on the map. Alternatively, a field of view can be directly entered, or values chosen for the sensor size of the camera and the focal length of the lens. Indicator lines showing the current direction of the sun, sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset can also be overlaid on the map.

Marie and Mary - Sunset at Elgol, Isle of Skye
Marie and Mary - Sunset at Elgol, Isle of Skye.
Photo by Rob Day.
   Elgol sunset shot plan
Public view of the shot plan.

It's as simple as that?

In theory, yes! In practice there are lots of features and it can appear complex to a new user. To counter this there are a number of tutorials to help a user get familiar with the system.

Is it free to use?

For the conceivable future, the current functionality will always be free. To get the best use from the system, saving shots etc., a user will need to register. Don't worry, this is totally free and is purely for recording the user's preferences and saved shots when they next log in.


Please see the info page for instructions on how to use the site and the relevant terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc.


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