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A brief overview of the system's current capabilities, and where it may be heading in the future.

Current features

Below is a brief overview of some of the current capabilities of the system :

  • Plan a shot for anywhere in the world.
  • Simply drag/drop markers on the map to position the camera and the direction in which it is pointing.
  • Select camera/lens combination, manually enter a field of view, or enter sensor size and focal length.
  • When using a zoom lens show the minimum field of view, maximum, or choose one in between.
  • Two maps visible at the same time, to show close and far views of the same shot.
  • Save shots and retrieve them later.
  • Share shots with a link to a non-editable view of the shot.
  • Change the date and time of the shot.
  • Show the sunrise/sunset and current sun direction on the map, together with the directions of shadows.
  • Show the moonrise/moonset and current moon direction on the map. When the moon is visible display its angle above the horizon.
  • Show Points of Interest, including distance from the camera and sunrise/sunset/current sun direction from that point.
  • For digital camera bodies, display how much distance a pixel will cover at the Point of Interest.
  • Get directions from your location to the location of the camera position.
  • Hide/show the sidebar to enable more of the map to be visible.
  • Use the rule of thirds or golden mean proportions when planning a shot.
  • Record notes about a shot for future reference.
  • Terrain analysis graphs between the camera and the viewpoint/Points of Interest.
  • Metric/imperial measurements switch.

Short Term

These features are in active development, or pencilled in to be commenced shortly.

  • Medium format camera bodies and lenses.
  • Compact (Point and Shoot) cameras.
  • More help, tutorials and examples.
  • Mobile device development.

Future plans

The features planned for implementation in the future include, but are certainly not limited to, the following :

  • Lens extenders. 1.4x, 1.5x, 2x, etc.
  • Sun altitude.
  • Versions for mobile devices - iPhone, Android and others, including data transfer between desktop and mobile versions.
  • Information on sun and moon for earlier and later days.
  • Visibility calculation and graph for PoIs from the camera position.
  • Tools and helpful info - horizon distance, frame size calculators, etc.
  • Import EXIF data, inc. indication of focus distance and size of acceptable focus area.
  • Show thumbnails of taken shots on the My Shots page.
  • Group saved shots.
  • Share saved shots.
  • Medium and large format cameras.
  • Compact cameras.
  • Video/cine cameras.
  • Moon phase/% illuminated.
  • Metric/imperial distances switch.
  • Display twilight times.
  • Switch between sensor fiold of view and viewfinder field of view (for non-100% coverage viewfinders).
  • Manual height adjustments for PoIs.
  • Date search for when a chosen element (sun, moon, etc.) is in a required position.
  • Terrain shadow casting.
  • Collaberative shot planning - shots that can be edited by more than one user.
  • Automatic timezone detection (with manual override).


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